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The feedback of users of the products we have built stand  testimony to our capabilities and the fact that we have achieved our mutual goals with our partners. User feedback can be read from individual product sites. One partner feedback is as enclosed below.  

In the fall and winter of 2003 our veterinary group began evaluating practice management software as part of our preparations for the launch of a large animal care facility North of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The following parameters were required:

Foremost the application had to provide a medical record methodology that adhered closely to the classic Problem Oriented Medical Record model
Because the long range plan provides for the development of further hospitals it needed to have the technical capacity and speed to handle large databases with remote admininistration and use
We wanted a user interface that was familiar and easy to use
The application needed to be developed on a flexible platform which utilized and leveraged the most cutting edge technology of the day
It needed to be affordable
We were not concerned about basic business processes as all the current market products provide adequately for them. What was not available in the current market was the first demand we had placed. Although many products suggest they have methods for the Problem Oriented Medical Record they did not meet the standards we had set. We decided to explore the possibility of developing an application from scratch. We were quickly drawn to the internet technologies because in our opinion they have the brightest and most stable future.

Exploring the possiblilty of developing with open source technologies such as PHP, JAVA, MySQL etc. we quickly decided the cost would be prohibitive and an application impossible to deploy within our time frame. During this research we happened on Caravan Business Server. It appeared to provide all the development tools we needed in a neat and snappy package. It seemed so much like a "Holy Grail" that at first we were skeptical. With Niti Telecom consulting we launched a small test project to develop the client and patient databases and their associated user interface screens. We were surprised by the rapid pace of development we were able to achieve. We immediatley moved into what we considered would be the two most difficult modules to achieve: The time management module and the medical record module. These were highly complex modules and proved beyond our doubt that we had made the correct decision in choosing Caravan.

Achievement with the Medical Record Module:
Caravan's built in XML parser has allowed us to develop a completely "portable" and searchable medical record. All patient medical record information is stored in an xml document dynamically mangaged by Caravan Business Server.

With its associated style sheet this document can be viewed by any browser anywhere! Leveraging this potent XML resource of Caravan with the power of Caravan's Application and Database servers we have created a true "Problem Oriented Medical Record". A record which is in an easy to read format; and where patient problems can be easily identified, traced and managed.

Achievement with the Time Management Module:
Time Management is the bain of every Veterinary Hospital, and most other businesses for that matter. With this module another gauntlet was thrown down before Caravan. We wanted not just an appointment scheduler as is available in the other applications on the market, but a true time and resource manager.

Caravan has allowed us to create a module in which we can test availabilities of not only human resources, but space and equipment as well. Mutliple resources can be tested for availability at the same time! Again Caravan's powerful Database and Applications servers have allowed us to deeply integrate are scheduler with many database tables e.g.: Client, Patient, Staff, Equipment, Space, Medical Complaints etc.

Final stages of development proceed on the above modules as we begin to move into developing more routine business processes for the application. We are looking forware to this "cake walk" after these two modules!

The browser will be in the computing future for a long time to come, and developing for this future with the powerful recources of Caravan Business Server is an exciting and rewarding adventure.


Thomas J. Molloy, DVM