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ZapVin is a Web based File and Document Transfer application. Allows Unattended,
Automatic file transfer between multiple locations, simultaneously,
via FTP or point to point.
Transfers documents and data from one location to another location using communication technologies, viz., VSAT,
Leased Line, Dial-up, Broadband etc
A cost-effective solution Runs on all Windows platforms 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Browser based interface
Supports Auto FTP and Direct Point-to-Point transfers (TCP/IP protocol)
Automatic, Unattended Transfer between Source and Target folders
Web based solution allows data transfer from any PC in the Intranet/Internet
Automatic transfer of files and documents simultaneously to multiple locations
Unattended mode of transfer simultaneously to multiple locations
Scheduled transfer of files at a particular time or at regular intervals
Auto pickup of files from single or multiple directories
Auto pickup of New and Changed files only
Auto pickup of files from a particular folder, including sub folders
Capable of transmitting an entire folder structure on unattended transmission and create the same structure at the target,
if it does not exist
Prioritization files having higher priority are transferred earlier than other files
Maintains detailed activity logs viewable through a browser
Connects with LAN/Leased Lines/VSAT/Dialup/Broadband
If Line gets interrupted, automatically resumes the interrupted transfer of files once the connection gets re-established
In a dial-up setting, the dialer automatically dials-up and connects; also re-dials on disconnection
Manual transfer also possible
Purges files from Inbox and Outbox (logs) as per pre-defined criteria