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Quotation System
Company : Orion Solutions (Australia)
Author: Mark Rogers
Application does the following:-
Allows the entering of customer details into a database - saving re-entering details of regular clients.
Allows for the lookup or creation of a quote. This is a "free form" quote listing item, code, description, base cost and price.
  "Free form" means that there is no product lookup as the work to maintain an up-to-date product database would counter
  the time saved by the automated quoting system.
The quote itself can be catergorized as either/or an Invoice, Purchase Order, and Packing Slip. Thus providing a type of
  'work-flow' feature.
Viewing the quote, and from this view you can print the quote.
Searching Facilities: Allows for the searching of non followed up/followed up items - for example
search for quotes that haven't been followed up, or invoices that haven't been entered.
Naturally its all tied together with a 'home page' and html links within each main section to the
other main functions (Clients/Quotes/Searching/Home)