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Photo Vin
A Web Based Photograph Library Solution  
Browser based
Web based technology
Extremely fast search and display
Works on Local Area Network as well as wide area network
Intranet /Internet/Extranet based
No limits on the number of photos stored
Search based on
Full text search on headline, caption, category or any other descriptive text associated with the photo.
Date / Time range search i.e last 1hour, 3 hours, 24 hours, 7 days, and one month
Source based eg AP, AFP, Reuters, In-house etc.
Predefined keywords can be saved i.e. saved query search for convenience
The search keywords are highlighted in the search results
Display the search photos as:
Mixture of thumbnails and headline/caption
Only headline and caption
Import of Internally generated photos on a regular basis
Scan your photograph
Using the upload feature upload the scanned photo to the photo library server
Enter the search keywords like headlines/captions, descriptive text etc and save
Photo is ready for search and display
You can also upload multiple photo at one shot and then give common search keywords to the uploaded photos
You can edit/delete the keywords and descriptive text.
Import of Agency photo
From news agency feeds e.g AP, AFP, Reuters etc
It automatically collects and extracts from the photo header (IPTC format) the keywords like headline, caption, date/time
  etc. Plus for display, thumbnail and preview photos are automatically generated. Finally the keywords, thumbnail, preview and the original photos are stored in the database for future reference
In case you decide to migrate from your existing photo library, we can to import all the photographs and the search
  keywords. Existing folder definition or keyword information in a csv file (excel or flat file) can be imported
Workflow ( Under Development)
Login for every user
After searching for required photos, the user can highlight a specific area of the photo (Redlining/Annotation) and put comments about the photo and action to be taken by another user.
Forwards this highlighted photo to another user
This user when logs in, can see the photograph with comments for further action.
Admin Features
Add/Modify/delete categories
Define preference of display – thumbnail, mixed etc
Define number of photos to be displayed per screen
Predefined search keywords
Import internally generated photos and add/modify search keywords
If required define the period the photos should be kept before deletion (automatic purging)
Define the folders and time schedule to pick up the photos received from news agencies like AP, AFP, Reuter.
Multiple selection for export and print