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Pre-press Data communication system
The Bennett & Coleman Group of publications has the largest Readership in the world. It has many newspapers and magazines being published simultaneously in seventeen cities across India namely - The Times of India, Economic Times, Navbharat Times, Maharashtra Times, Filmfare, Femina etc.

It employs hundreds of reporters and journalists to gather news and information from many locations. Many journalists, artists, analysts and other staff are engaged in creating the material that will be finally merged with the advertisements and classified sections to generate the pages for multiple editions to be printed at various presses, some of which are not owned by BCCL. In additions BCCL has various web editions which are fed from these sources.

It has an excellent Wide Area Network connectivity using 2mpbs connections across India for data transfers.

The lifeline of this gigantic organization is the network over which this data flows first as raw text and images and then back again as finished pages. Nerve centers of this operation are the editorial and printing centers.

The heart of this system is the Data management and communications software which pumps this data relentlessly over the network to these centers and makes it available where it is needed.

On an average there is more than a gigabyte of data going to any center from other centers daily.

Managing and tracking such volumes of data (thousands of files) across the WAN, manually was an impossible task. It needed to be automated!

After evaluating various options, vendors, none was found satisfactory.

Caravan Business Server was evaluated as the Core engine, to cater to this requirement.

The Data management and Communications system is running on distributed Caravan servers at all the publishing and printing centers. It is a mission critical application where even small problems and delays can lead to chaos.

The main features of this system are:
Completely Intranet based application
Automatic file replication across remote directories (baskets)
Interface to editorial systems
User interface for editorial, systems and process staff
Management of users
User interface for administration. Remote administration. Can login to any Caravan Server across the intranet
Live Queue management and monitoring
Day wise log Status for data transferred and received. Gives info on data sent to which locations, what time received, view
  the data via a click, time taken to transfer, author, from which location, filename and path, etc