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Caravan Business Server » Database

Caravan has an inbuilt database which is a RDBMS as well as a Search Engine.

This database can be accessed via any browser

All applications need a way to store data persistently and reliably. Caravan has an in-built data base engine just for this purpose, which can hold any type of information, including entire files. Extreme care has been taken to ensure the integrity of data, while providing fast and easy access.

The engine has a built in database capability with virtually no limit to no of tables and records per table. The data caching and binary tree search feature allows to retrieve data at high speeds It is a Multi dimensional database with 'Replication' over http protocol. It supports a ‘SQL Type’ scripting code for read/write/search in the database. It supports data and file replication. It has a XML support for data exchange with other application. It includes point-and-click Web based database manager and supports high speed word based multi field memo searches.

This database is accessed through the caravan script embedded in the html pages. You can as an administrator create and maintain multiple databases and multiple tables in each database using a browser driven interface (Remote Administration).

Database can contain text fields, numeric fields, large objects like files and images and time related information and you can use this data in your web pages.

Caravan database automatically indexes all words/text. It becomes very easy and fast to search data with millions of records. No extra code needed. A search engine is integrated to this data base for searching efficiently in huge amounts of text - common requirement not properly met by existing database systems.

Database searches of 500,000 items will return results in 50 to 100 milliseconds. When optimized, Caravan will deliver 200 to 500 searches per second. -- PERFORMANCE WILL VARY. RESULTS ARE TYPICAL.

The engine has a built in facility to index and retrieve documents on the fly. The search can be based on text or keywords.

Databases can handle any number of simultaneous requests. There are no built-in limits. Operate as fast as hardware allows.

Caravan's database engine is built into its web engine.. There are no drivers needed (drivers slow down database transactions). Access is fast and immediate.

Database tables can be accessed from any node in an Caravan's network. Databases can reside on one node on one kind of hardware; and be read, written to or searched from another node on a different kind of hardware. Nodes can be placed at different locations across the web.

Store multiple information in a single record.