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Caravan Business Server » Communication Server

TCP/IP is the backbone of communication systems. Caravan provides objects for integrating ftp, smtp and http into applications. Caravan can receive and send data/messages/emails using any of these protocols.
The engine provides facility to transfer data and files from one location to the other locations within a LAN / WAN using dialup, vsat, etc or even via Internet environment. It supports replication within locations and these can be scheduled as required. It supports TCP/IP, HTML protocol and serial interface. You can develop a messaging product which can transfer data through low cost media such as internet. It can act even as a virtual private network (VPN) using dialup or leased internet connections.

FTP support
The engine has an automatic FTP feature using which data can be automatically transferred between multiple centers. This can be used to transfer data between offices using the Intranet or the Internet. Using internet as the back bone caravan can efficiently transfer data between offices. It supports unattended transfers.

The Engine supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) for receiving and sending mail with and without attachments. Imagine that you can create an application such as web based email for your intranet, using just Caravan and nothing else. Because it has built in access control and user database with per page authentication.

SMTP Support
Caravan can both receive and send mail for a domain. You can write powerful mail applications using Caravan’s SMTP object.

Serial Communications
Data transfer using serial ports. Uses separate utilities for Serial Input Output (SIO Server) Caravan Business Server can receive and transmit data using serial communication.

Available only for Windows and OS/2. 
For more information on serial communication tools and applications please contact us.