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Caravan Business Server » Benefits to Developers

Minimum learning curve (typically 2-3 days)
The scripting language is very easy to learn and use, compared to languages used today. Therefore one can roll out applications faster and with average skilled manpower resources.
Caravan Business Server is a 1-Tier architecture and it gives a comprehensive development and deployment environment
Very small foot print (720kb for MS-Windows and appro. 1 MB for Linux) enhances portability and the system can be deployed in a minute
This makes remote deployment and management of servers very easy
As it is a cross platform product, one can develop once on any OS and deploy everywhere
This results in enterprise wide use in a heterogeneous environment, shortens time to release solutions on multiple operating systems and therefore increases market opportunities for products at no extra cost
Low cost of development as hardware resources required are basic and no other software is required except the operating system.
No external Database required
All this put together helps roll out applications faster and at a lower cost.

The platform is being offered FREE for development